Everybody I Love Dies

Yay Free Comic Book day!! Before the store opened there was much discussion of Iron Man, and then 3-4 ladies and I began waxing poetic about Captain America’s ass, because yes. And then excitement over possible Avengers 2 rumors.

Meanwhile, in store: There was a baby Steve! BABY STEVE BABY AWWW!! And a 3rd-movie referencing Tony, hehehe :D They were so damn cute! 

And then there was this dad with his three kids, in superman, spiderman, and green lantern costumes. The dad was in a Hulk costume. It was the cutest damn thing.

Oh, and so then I got a call that my laptop was fixed (ONE day! go apple!!!), so I went straight to the Apple Store from the shop. Hehehe. So I just kinda slipped shorts over the bottom, unzipped the top and let it hang, and threw a tanktop on top of that. The entire time I was getting my laptop (and a smoothie, because why not), I felt like Peter Parker should be wandering around behind me, taking pictures or something.

"Captain Marvel’s laptop breaks down! Just like everyone else!"

"Captain Marvel gets a smoothie! Just like us!"

"Captain Marvel’s car has a Captain America bumper sticker. Romance in the works?!"

Okay anyway done being goofy :} Happy Free Comic Book Day to all!!

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    ahhh this is at my LCS!!
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    This is great! My local shop had a Peter Parker, a Thor, a Tony Stark and a REALLY, REALLY WELL DONE Black Widow. They...
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